Telstra Vantage™ 2018

The future is coming

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Get ready

There’s so much to see and do at Telstra Vantage. Make sure you check out our tips below, so you can get ready to make the most of your experience.

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Download the app

The Telstra Events app helps you to connect with attendees, get live event updates, see who’s exhibiting, and much more. Once you’ve registered, you can click here on your mobile device to download it. Then you’ll need to log in using your email address and reference number, which was sent to everyone who has registered for Telstra Vantage™ via email.

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“The most important thing was networking and exposing solutions through our local Telstra sales team who actually understands our business. Our QLD Telstra team shepherded us through to the key areas that were relevant to us and we will likely invest in 3-4 new technologies.”

Telstra Vantage 2017 delegate survey respondent

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