Telstra Vantage™ 2018

September 19 - Day one wrap

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Don’t miss all the fun from day one

Telstra Vantage 2018 kicked off today, with a ‘Welcome to Country’ like no other as the incredible speed of Telstra’s network connected two groups of indigenous performers, live across the country, in a dazzling display of culture and dance.

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Telstra CEO – Andrew Penn

The 5G network was at the centre of Telstra CEO, Andrew Penn’s presentation as he discussed the three key trends that have us, in his words, “on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution.”

Want to see Andrew Penn’s presentation in full?
View it on demand on Telstra Vantage™ TV.

Daniel Pink, The Science of Timing

New York Times bestselling author and top 15 business thinker in the world according to Thinkers 50, Daniel Pink took to the stage to unlock the science of perfect timing.

Pink’s extensive research has revealed that ‘when to do something’ is just as important as ‘what to do’ and ‘who to do it with’.

According to Pink, “the hidden pattern of the day profoundly affects mood and performance.”

Pink cited two studies that reveal a consistent pattern across our day – our mood peaks in the morning, hits a trough after lunch and recovers in the evening.

The implications for how we make decisions and when we do things are huge. For most people, Pink recommends the following approach to maximise your productivity and take advantage of the rhythm of the day:

Time Work type
Morning - peak Best time for focused, analytic work
Afternoon - trough Ideal for admin like emails and reports
Evening - recovery A good time for brainstorming and insight-driven work

Cryptocurrency specialist, Neha Narula

Neha Narula, Director of Digital Currency at MIT Media Lab, took to the main stage to share her insights about how digital currency works. According to Neha, “In much the same way as the internet transformed the way we communicate and share information, blockchain technology will change the way we pay, allocate and determine value. This fundamental shift will decentralise power, giving people the freedom to transact, without asking for permission, or waiting for the institutions to process their transactions. It’s a revolution in finance that has far-reaching implications for the global economy and how we do business.”

To stream Neha’s keynote presentation on demand, register for Telstra Vantage™ TV.

The Village technology showcase

The Telstra Network Centre

This is the place to experience what the world will be like with 5G. The showcase includes a 5G-powered remote health diagnosis, which can bring medical care to people in need in our cities and remote communities. There’s an Audi R8 touring car rigged with 5G-enabled diagnostics that feeds real-time data about the car – tyre pressure and heat, fuel consumption, braking capacity and so much more - back to the crew in the pits. You can also get up-close and personal with agri-tech drones, get hands on with Telstra APIs and IoT devices, and see just how much faster life will be with 5G.

Telstra World

At the heart of the Village, Telstra World showcases Telstra’s five better ways in action. These are Telstra’s strategic solutions for enterprise.

1. Optimise your IT – showcases Telstra’s network and cloud technologies such as SD-WAN and programmable network to help businesses scale, grow and innovate.

2. Create transformative innovation – a paddock to plate story that showcases IoT in action in manufacturing supply chain logistics and transport.

3. Liberate your workforce – see different ways for workers to connect and collaborate from the office, in a contact centre, at home or on the go.

4. Secure your business – shows Telstra’s state-of-the-art products and services, including the Security Operations Centre that can protect your digital and physical assets.

5. Reach global markets – brings to life Telstra's global network capability, broadcast services and partner ecosystem, which combine to demonstrate how Telstra can help businesses grow into Asia and beyond.

At the centre of the space, visitors can explore Telstra’s new Connected Workplace solution, which integrates fixed and mobile applications and messaging services in a single offering that’s designed to help small and medium businesses thrive.

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